Fit to be Tied

Eric Kobb Miller

I was mad as hell and fit to
be tied, as my friend, to me,
outright lied about what he
had planned for us to do, but
which turned out to be
absolutely untrue.

He asked if I was ready,
which I wasn't, but was
afraid to say. He, however,
was at no loss for words,
and continued to jabber

I looked to the sky
for an understanding
eye, but all I saw were
clouds passing by.
Okay, buddy,” I heard
him say, “let's do it and be
on our way.”

I tried to say no, but I was
already headed down for the count
for which I had no defense to mount.
But, just as Death reached up to
take me, the bungee cord, with which
I had been fit and tied, pulled me up,
as with both fear and happiness
I cried.